Sunrise Homes

Columbiana County

Miller Holdings Sunrise: 24 beds
Administrator - Beth Wadding
BOM - Erika Carter

38655 Saltwell Rd.
Lisbon, OH 44432

Phone: 330-424-1418


Elizabeth Wadding

Beth Wadding has worked for Empowering People since 2009. She’s had the privilege of working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities in many settings throughout my career. Working in the residential setting is extremely rewarding as it allows us to create a warm and caring home for our individuals.

Home Listing:

I came to Sunrise Homes in Lisbon Ohio in 2016. We serve up to 24 men and women with Developmental Disabilities in a warm and caring rural setting. Many of our consumers have physical limitations and we have a strong focus on maintaining and improving range of motion and independence.