Hamilton County

Miller Holdings MAG: 8 beds
BOM - Joell Walke

8320 Woodbine Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45216

Phone: 513-948-0770
Fax: 513-821-3313


Melinda Perry

I started in the field of Disabilities as a Social Worker for another organizations which I enjoyed for approximately 7 years. That company was purchased by another and I was promoted to Manager of Operational Systems and Support; responsible for overseeing staff training and Quality Assurance. I was then promoted to an Executive Director Position and have been the Administrator for EPI since September 2012. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Bowling Green State University and am currently a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio.

Home Listing:

Our administrative offices are located at 8320 Woodbine Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45216. We currently have four ICF locations, Hunsford, North Bend, Woodbine and Monon.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to share our passion and commitment of serving individuals with developmental disabilities with medical and/or behavioral needs and also with a dual diagnosis. We believe that we have both the ability and experience to serve individuals with compassion and integrity. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve with a focus on a person centered approach. Woodbine is home to 8 Individuals.

Person centered services provided include but are not limited to: Nurse delegation to Medication Administration Certified Direct Support Professionals, 24 hour on call nursing oversight, positive behavior support, Psychiatry, Psychology, Dietician Services, Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies, Social Services and Community Integration. We partner with various Hamilton County programs for Day Services including Creative Life and Work (CLW).

Certified IO, Level 1 waiver provider, Residential Respite as well as ICF/IID services, we have the opportunity to provide a variety of services in a wide range of settings. This also enables us to serve individuals in environments where they will be most successful. Our ICF operations are located in Hamilton County. Additionally, our waiver division serves people in Hamilton County.